International StoryTelling Class

9th of September, 2017
Rumah Remedi
jl. Bangka raya 8B, Jakarta Selatan.

1. Storytelling Sharing Session for Corporate Professional
10:00-12:30 wib
Investment Fee IDR.250.000,-
Free Traditional Drink and Snack
25 seats available


Humans are story-making beings; every experience, every relationship, every object we encounter, is stored in the mind in story form. Storytelling is a natural human ability and a powerful communication tool; though one that, in our times, has been neglected and overlooked. But now in the 21st Century, storytelling is making a comeback as an important tool to create influence and to make the workplace a more supportive and productive place.

Story is an information delivery method that engages, holds the attention and activates the emotions of listeners in a way that facts never can. Story can create the optimum conditions for influence to take place.                                      

Participants will:

  • discover why storytelling is such a powerful communication tool
  • gain an overview of how storytelling can be used in organisations
  • learn guidelines for telling stories in organisational settings

2. Storytelling Workshop for Lecturer and Trainer
14:00-17:00 wib
Investment Fee IDR.350.000,-
Free Traditional Drink and Snack
20 space available


"The human mind is a story processor, not a logic processor"
Dr Jonathan Haidt, NYU-Stern School of Business                

Millennia of telling stories has shaped our brains so that we process information and remember via story. So, it is not surprising that storytelling is one of our most powerful communications tools.  Storytelling is increasingly being used by the faculty in institutions of higher learning, as way to make their lectures more engaging, more easily understandable, and more memorable for their students.

In this activity-oriented workshop you will learn ways of integrating storytelling into your lectures and training sessions and develop your vocal expression, story crafting and storytelling skills.

At the end of the workshop you will:

  • understand why storytelling is such a powerful communication tool
  • have discovered how to use storytelling to connect positively with your students.
  • have learned how to use stories to engage attention and effectively transmit information.
  • have learned strategies to weave stories into your lectures.
  • be aware of the elements that make up an expressive speaking voice.
  • have experienced some practical exercises that can improve vocal expression.
  • have practiced effective strategies for preparing, telling and sharing stories.
  • have practiced telling stories in a supportive environment.

Note: Participants should be dressed in comfortable clothes suitable for movement work.

10th of September, 2017
Hotel Aviary
jl. Boulevard Bintaro Blok B7 No. D3-3A Pondok Jaya, Pondok Aren

Tangerang Selatan, Banten.

3. Storytelling Workshop for Early Childhood Educator 
1st Session at 08:30-12:00 wib
2nd Session at 13:30-17:00 wib
Investment Fee IDR.400.000,-
Free Tea/Coffee Break and Snack
30 seats available


In the words of an old Scottish proverb, stories are told “eye to eye, mind to mind and heart to heart". It is this ability of storytelling to break through our mental barriers and reach deep inside us, that make it such a powerful tool for passing on values. This workshop will show you how you can use storytelling to impart positive values and foster the emotional and social development of young children.

In the workshop, you will:  

  • learn how to choose effective stories to tell young children.
  • learn some easy-to-tell values stories.
  • discover how stories can be structured and told to maximize their potential for positive influence.
  • learn how to create original values stories to suit your classroom needs.
  • gain ideas for after story activities that can enhance the effectiveness of a values story.


Sheila Wee is a Singaporean professional storyteller, storytelling trainer and story consultant with 18 years’ experience. Because of her work to pioneer the movement to revive the use of storytelling in Singapore, she has been described as a Godmother of Singapore storytelling. She founded Singapore’s first professional storytelling company, is a founding Professional Member and the current President of the Storytelling Association (Singapore), and is a Director of the NGO, Story Connection, which uses storytelling  for community building.

A former preschool teacher, Sheila is very passionate about working with early childhood educators, inspiring them to tell stories and use storytelling as an education tool and giving them the skills to do so. Sheila conducts regular workshops for early childhood educators for the Early Childhood Development Agency in Singapore and her international experience includes running courses for the Hong Kong Bureau of Education and conducting workshops for hundreds of teachers in the Philippines.


Ariyo Zidni, is the Founder and the Head of The Ayo Dongeng Indonesia Community (Indonesia Storytelling Community) and The Director of Indonesia International Storytelling Festival. He has been invited to tell stories as an International Storyteller from Indonesia at India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. He is also a storytelling coach, children-story writer, teacher, soft-skill trainer and a lecturer who teaches classes on storytelling at the University of Indonesia and guest lectures at many universities. Drawn to the social healing aspect of storytelling, Ariyo Zidni began telling stories in 1999. He has participated in Storytelling for trauma healing for Post Disaster Program of Tsunami in Aceh and Pangandaran, and other social storytelling events at schools, orphanages and libraries.

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Supported by Aviary Hotel, Rumah Remedi, WewoCraft, Noura Publishing and Ayo Dongeng Indonesia

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